Reprinted with permission from the September 2016 Absolute Sound magazine


Hi Fi One is delighted to offer my clients two new products that define their respective categories.


The Tidal Akira diamond driver loudspeaker $225,000


Helix 1 turntable by Mark Döhmann $40,000


Schröder LT tonearm $13,500


Schröder CB tonearm $4,000


Please call +1 612 871 1599 for audition.








SMc Audio announces the HI Fi One AC Nexus Power Enhancer at THE Show 2015 in room 1406

CARLSBAD, CA May 25, 2015 —SMc Audio a leader in innovative audio solutions presents their reference $18,000 power enhancer and grounding solution, exclusively distributed by Hi Fi One.


  • Cost no-object engineering, component selection, and execution
  • Designed for use in the worlds finest systems. Effectively enhances power delivery and ground performance without the negative effects of poor quality components and the current limiting of coils and transformers
  • Proprietary enhanced grounding configuration with ultra-hi-purity copper bus and Cardas unplated copper grounding posts.
  • Duelund silver capacitors and silver wire in addition to ultra-pure copper wiring throughout
  • Bocchino Mariner 10 IEC connector for optimum power transfer and unlimited current capability
  • Stillpoints vibration technology throughout, including Ultra SS isolator feet and standoffs
  • Furutech GTX AC receptacles, back plate, and carbon-fiber cover plates
  • Rigid, inert, Panzerholz (Tankwood) unibody construction forms an ideal housing
  • Passive operation delivers unrivaled transparency and neutrality with incredible dynamic expression





For further information or to arrange an audition, please contact -
RICK BROWN      +1 (612) 817 1599      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      WWW.RBHIFI1.COM







SMc Audio announces the HI Fi One Silver Signature Edition line stage at THE Show 2015 in room 1406

CARLSBAD, CA May 25, 2015 —SMc Audio, a leader in innovative audio solutions, presents their $50,000 reference line stage, exclusively distributed by Hi Fi One.


  • Cost no-object-engineering, component selection, and execution
  • Remote 100-step volume control outperforms the best mechanical switches while maintaining precise control resolution
  • Unique design combines the best aspects of active and passive performance
  • Discrete wide-bandwidth JFET circuit uses no feedback
  • Beautiful, heavy, non-resonant enclosures contribute to outstanding sonics
  • Duelund CAST Silver and CAST Copper capacitors are utilized
  • Duelund silver wiring throughout including the umbilical cords for the outboard power supply
  • Furutech balanced XLR and WBT unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs
  • Bocchino Mariner 10 IEC is utilized for ultimate power coupling
  • Lundahl Silver and Jensen coupling transformers are selectively utilized
  • Stillpoints Ultra SS isolator feet and circuit board standoffs
  • No DC leakage, no ground loops, and no RFI issues
  • Completely stable and reliable
  • No heat, no noise, no ground loops, low voltage design
  • External choke-filtered power supply for superior sonic purity
  • Unrivaled transparency and neutrality, incredible dynamic expression
  • Black and Silver finish options and custom configuration available




For further information or to arrange an audition, please contact -
RICK BROWN      +1 (612) 817 1599      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      WWW.RBHIFI1.COM








Visit Hi Fi One and my technology partners for an active demonstration in Suite 1406. 


Stillpoints: Aperture acoustic room treatment, ‎ESS Rack and the world debut of the Low Profile ESS rack, ‎Ultra 6's, Entreq Silver Tellus and Eartha Atlantis silver cables. 


Hi Fi One/Berning: 60 wpc 211 / 845 OTL class A Triode mono amps, the world debut of the Berning 28 wpc class A Triode mono amps, Wadax Ultimate Trio DSD DAC with phono stage and Hermes SSD Server. SMc Silver Reference 2 box line stage and new AC Nexus advanced power distribution and grounding system. 


EnKlein: "The David" reference cables including power cords, speaker cables, USB cable and balanced interconnects. 


Sonorus: ATR 10 R-T-R tube tape machine and Proximity woofer and controller.


Kaiser: Kawero loudspeakers









CARLSBAD, CA May 9, 2014 — The David Berning Company, a world leader in advanced OTL tube electronics announces the debut of his 211/ 845 OTL amplifier.


The amplifier will automatically bias to 211 or 845 output tubes. No user

adjustment is ever required. Output transformer less. 60 watts per channel. Class

A Triode. Differentially balanced. Zero global feedback. Proprietary advanced

switch mode power supplies with full Power Factor Correction for global plug and

play operation. Constant output impedance over the entire audio spectrum

utilizing the patented Berning ZOTL circuit. Drives difficult dynamic loads within

its power rating while the inherently low noise floor accommodates high efficiency



Stillpoints Ultra 5ʼs, Ultra Bases and circuit board isolators are integrated for

vibration control. Stillpoints cryogenic treatment is selectively utilized throughout

the amplifier. Additionally, Stillpoints Aperture Room Treatments and Fono

Acustica cables will be fully implemented in our Munich demonstrations.


PRICE 73,500 USD per monaural pair


For further information, please visit ( For global product

acquisition, please contact Rick Brown at Hi Fi One (


Photo link:




For further information or to arrange an audition, please contact -
RICK BROWN      +1 (612) 817 1599      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      WWW.RBHIFI1.COM







Dagogo • Sonorus Audio ProximitySub Controller

By: Fred Crowder |





Dagogo • Berning • A second visit to the home of the infamous Encinitas Jim 

By: Fred Crowder |





Wadax • Pre 1 Mk 2 Digital Preamplifier

by Roy Gregory | April 7, 2014






Wadax • Pre 1 Mk 2 Digital Preamplifier with Phono Stage and Streamer

by Roy Gregory | May 17, 2014







March 2013 - Wadax at THE SHOW





October 2011 - Official Announcement : My position with Wadax SA of Spain

In this edition of the newsletter I am officially announcing my position with Wadax SA of Spain as the Managing Director of the company as well Hi Fi One being the importer for all Wadax products in North America. Please see the Wadax brochure on the Hi Fi One website as well as the audio press reaction and comments in the Wadax newsletter below.

Positive Feedback ISSUE 65
January/Feburary 2013
Wadax PRE 1 Preamplifier by Jim Merod
"Although I'm aware that the Wadax employs proprietary technical advances that I'm not at liberty to divulge while, nonetheless, not wholly leaving the field of high-end electronic wizardry, the outcome accomplished with this arrogant unit's arrogant invisibility sets (for me) a new standard in presenting accurate, completely truthful musical signal delivery.Did I mention that the audio achievement here demonstrated amounts to a creation of Audio Arrogance with a new footprint: nothing at all of any sort between music to be indulged and the indulgence in astonished erotic spirituality?"
Full review:

Positive Feedback ISSUE 64November/December
2012Audio Power Labs 50TNT by Jim Merod
"Audio Power Labs' "smaller" mono-block tube amps, the 50TNT, my be the junior sibling of this state of the art amplification footprint (the 833TNT being a behemoth beyond category), but at 200w/channel, these amps are not junior or diminished in any way. I have never experienced amplification at once so rigorously refined and lush; so dynamically seductive yet stunning; so flat out beautiful in their presentation of texture and sonic details while also authoritative all across the audio spectrum. These amps, at $47,500/pair are not cheap, but if there has ever been an amplifier that can rightfully be thought of as a "bargain" at such a high price, the Audio Power Labs' 50TNT is the one... in truth, the only one I can imagine giving such a controversial but well-earned tag."
Full review:






" ... a pathway to auditory bliss bliss that indeed transports musical performances from the concert hall to the home..."

See Jason Victor Serinus full report on page 76 of the April 2012 Robb Report




"With the exception of those who've spent large sums on their LP playback chains, it's likely that many vinyl fans will find that swapping out their phono and line preamps for the Wadax will produce a significant step up in analogue sound." 

See Michael Fremers full review on page 33 of the February 2012 issue of Stereophile.






September 2010 - A trip to Istanbul

and the discovery of intellectual curiosity focused on high end, two channel sound reproduction.

Last month I was invited to participate in the Echole Conference in Istanbul. My host was Kerem Küçükaslan, the Managing Director of Echole cables and Absolare tube electronics. The setting was four days of listening to his vision, that of his audio partners and clients in magnificent sonic venues. Every system I encountered was meticulously executed and solely 2 channel.