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THE AUDIOBEAT Munich 2015 show coverage by Roy Gregory

"Of course, this being Munich, the Vox Olympians were far from the only extravagant speaker system on show. After getting everybody all excited last year by announcing a diamond-midrange speaker, only to deflate that expectation by showing it sat in a display case, TIDAL redeemed themselves this time around with not one but two speaker models using the driver.

The system playing was the "more affordable" of the two, the Akira, featuring just one of the exotic 5" drivers per channel, naturally paired with a 1.2" diamond tweeter. The midrange driver itself is similar in design to a massive tweeter, driven by a circumferential voice coil with an annular-ring motor structure that is specifically designed to avoid rear reflection.

That’s an expensive setup, even if it’s still comparatively modest by Vox Olympian standards. But musically speaking, the performance didn’t disappoint. Utterly seamless, it was fluid, unforced, expressive and finely nuanced. Intricate and delicate when necessary, it was also capable of remarkable power and sudden dynamic shifts when necessary. Subtle musical shadings and textures were explicit without being exaggerated, and the Akira made a powerful argument for its exotic driver technology.

Once again, TIDAL were one of the few companies that showed a traditional big-box, wide-bandwidth system and made it work. Once again it got better as the show went on, but past experience made sure I went back on Sunday and sure enough, the resulting musical coherence and astonishingly lucid performance were more than worth the wait.

For those who find the Akira disturbingly affordable for a serious high-end speaker, there’s always the "If you have to ask" La Assoluta, with its twin-diamond-midrange driver array, a speaker that’s actually taller than its designer, Jörn Janczak -- and that’s saying something!"





Sound Stage Ultra Munich 2015 show coverage by Jeff Fritz 




With Jörn Janczak, President and Designer, Tidal Audio


The presentation of the Tidal Audio Akira loudspeaker was unique at High End 2015 in being fronted by an all-Tidal system: amps, DAC, preamp -- you name it, Tidal produces it. The advantage was that Tidal founder Jörn Janczak could get exactly the sound he wanted, because he controlled all the variables (well, he hadn’t built the room, but he had exhibited in it before, and knows its acoustics). The sound was Tidal’s best yet at a High End show: clear, open, ultraprecise, never harsh. The Akira lifted a veil from the Tidal sound, which at High End has always been at least very good. For instance, I felt that cymbal crashes were true to life, without the whitish splash that many speakers produce. Another hallmark of the design was the perfect blend of the five drivers’ outputs, with no hint that disparate drive-units were handling different parts of the audioband. Imaging? Superb: a Norah Jones and Willie Nelson track produced accurately formed images on a wall-to-wall soundstage. That track also made clear that the Akiras were tonally neutral, reproducing these singers’ distinctive voices without wavering. And their room-energizing bass showed that the Akiras had real dynamic punch when that was needed. My takeaway: Tidal’s best speaker yet, and by no small margin.


Akira specifications

multi chamber cabinet made out of TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material TIRALIT Ultra.


1 x 30 mm (1,2") diamond tweeter TAD-30-EX (an exclusive ACCUTON TIDAL project)


1 x 127 mm (5") diamond midrange-woofer TAD-MW (an exclusive ACCUTON TIDAL project)


3 x 190 mm (7.5") long excursion woofer TAS-190W-EX  (an exclusive ACCUTON TIDAL project), semi-pointsource crossover-control


5 x 190 mm (7.5") long excursion radiator TAS-190PR-EX (an exclusive ACCUTON TIDAL project)


TIDAL UNOPULSE passive crossover: TIDAL proprietary design to reproduce signals with an excellent step response and linear frequency response network with ultra low tolerance components, exclusive use of costume tailored DUELUND-copper-capacitors (silver/copper), metalfilm-resistors, silver-carbon resistors, silver air-core-inductors, ultra low resistance bass-inductor passive crossover is microphonic and hermetically isolated in a separated chamber, total weight of the passive crossover construction: 20 Kg / 44 lbs.


pure silver binding posts for perfect contact, isolated massive aluminum knobs on fiberglass isolation core


ground connection binding post


special 5-part TIDAL stainless steel isolators


8 x trigger bars out of massive stainless steel, 32 Kg (70 lbs.) per speaker, high gloss hand-polished


serial cabinet finish: original TIDAL piano lacquer in midnight black


optional cabinet finishes: finest hand selected veneers in TIDAL's original transparent piano lacquer.


other finishes: on request


free option: polished stainless steel side panel with AKIRA engraving


the TIDAL Akira is being delivered in 2 x ATA-flightcase for the most safest transport


nominal power handling: 400 / 800 VA


nominal impedance: 4 Ohm


recommended amplifier power: > 30 watt. Very easy impedance load, no impedance drop below 4 ohm


speaker dimensions: 140 cm x 29 cm x 55 cm / 55" high x 11.5" wide x 22" deep


dimensions with vario feet (from ground to top): 148 cm high / 58" high


speaker weight without flight cases: 2 x 158 Kg / 2 x 348 lbs.


shipping weight with flight cases (transport weight): 2 x 182 Kg / 2 x 401 lbs.


shipping dimensions: 2 flightcases, each flight case is 162 cm length x 42 cm width x 71 cm height / 64" length x 16.5" width x 28" height


Tidal La Assoulta. When only the best will suffice.